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The opening ceremony��

September 24, 2016, · 2016 to run Chinese life; · 24 hour City relay the ShangHai Railway Station in the grand opening of Shanghai Moon Lake Sculpture Park, the original China Life Insurance Group CEO Yang Chao Xu Yinzhang, Secretary of the Party committee of the Economic Commission of Songjiang District, China Life Insurance Corporation, Limited by Share Ltd, business director China life insurance Limited by Share Ltd Shanghai branch party secretary and general manager Shi Jianfeng, China insurance Limited by Share Ltd Shanghai branch party secretary and general manager Gao Zhiying, the China Life Pension Co Shanghai branch party secretary and general manager Ouyang Juhua, general manager of Shanghai Sculpture Park on Lake Yin Xiaochun, public international sports management limited company chairman Yao Ming, public international sports management limited executive director Lu Hao and other guests The opening ceremony was held and ceremonial guns were shot for the event.

wants to run · the 24 hour City relay race is hosted by Zhonghui International Sports Management Co., Ltd., a team relay competition for middle and high level elite runners. Runners need to take part in 24 hours to run the relay, and finally calculate the total score. According to the rules of the competition, it is divided into the elite group and the challenge group, the elite group of 4-6 people and the challenge group of 7-12 people. At the same time starting all team competition, continuous 24 hours after the end at the same time, each member of each team on track to complete at least one lap to be included in the mileage. We hope that we will upgrade and improve the competitive events and enhance the competitive power of teams and highlight the strength of teamwork so that we can carry forward the spirit of sports more widely.

landed in Shanghai for the first time, and set up the platform for running friends

was going to run ·, and the 24 hour City relay first landed in Shanghai, which attracted more than 1000 runners in the 105 runners. At 15 o'clock in the afternoon, the referee on the shots, each team first best players, such as an arrow out of the starting line. The event will last for 24 hours, and it will be finished at 15:00 tomorrow afternoon. All team runners around the 2.8 km circle around the track 24 hour relay, each group members will be run by repeating the relay that repeatedly on track to complete the competition, and ultimately to accumulate each team all relay runners running in 24 hour run will.
Moon Lake Sculpture Park
the ShangHai Railway Station event venue for natural beauty and modern landscape art combining the participating runners around clear lake, the Lake Hills running track surrounding is laid out with ten pieces from all over the world modern artists have large sculpture, fused to the beauty of the landscape, unique run, in such a full intellectual and emotional art in the Peach Garden, embrace the natural forest oxygen bar, and the usual run must have a completely different experience.
Yao Ming, the founder of the
"run", said "run · 24 hours is more than just running, more like a leisure fun."

Data map.
October 8th local time in the United States, the annual Chicago marathon fell to the curtain. In 2017, the Chicago marathon seamlessly butted the national day long holidays in China and Columbo's day and Canada's Thanksgiving Day (both in October 9th). There were 45000 times, the most number since 1977.

London, Berlin, Boston, Chicago, New York and Tokyo marathons are called the six marathons of the World Marathon. In the twinkling of an eye, the "Grand Slam Tour" in 2017 has gone through fourth stations. The Chicago marathon is also recognized as the best Grand Slam event for runners. Flat track and cool climate are also the best conditions for PB.
"six grand slam" medals in Chicago marathon medals
review -

starry 2017 six grand slam stars (at

stars brilliant 2017 six grand slam stars (London horse)

starry 2017 six grand slam stars (an article)

stars brilliant 2017 six grand slam stars (Berlin horse)

(NIKE) elite athletes

2002 first won the gold medal in American
2017 Chicago marathon men's top ten
this year's Chicago marathon competition, American Rupp (Galen Rupp) fourth marathon ran out of the 2:09:20 scores of the gold medal, this is the event since 2002 (Khalid Khannouchi:2:05:56) for the first time by the Americans won the title for a long time, the event has been Kenya's ruling. As Khannouchi was born in Morocco, Rupp was the Native American for the first time since 1982.
Rupp Chicago marathon time to win the championship
is worth mentioning is that the 31 year old Rupp is following the 2014 champion Meb America and one at the top of marathon athletes. At the Rio Olympic marathon last year, he won the bronze medal for the first time in the marathon, and then won the second place in the first half of the Boston marathon.
Chicago marathon champion last year, from Kenya kirui (Abel Kirui) was second to 28 seconds narrowly. Guru to the end of the day
Kimoto (Dennis Kimetto) took part in the Chicago marathon in 2013, when he was 2 hours, 03 minutes and 45 seconds.

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